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    Welcome to the South Webster Youth Soccer website

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Soccer and Volleyball Registration Information:
  • Volleyball Fees:  $35 per player.  (3rd through 6th grade.)
    • $5 discount for additional child. Discount includes soccer registration.
  • Soccer Fees:  
    • U4-U6...$30 (If 3 years old in 2018, if player turns 3 late in the year "after July 1" please use discretion.) Contact with concerns or questions. 
    • U8-U12...$40 (If player turns 6 years old in the year 2018 or before)
    • U15...$50 (If player turns 12 years old in the year 2018 or before)
    • $5 discount for 2nd and 3rd child. 4th child and after is half price off youngest division. Discount includes volleyball registration.
    • Soccer age matrix
How to use the age matrix: Use the 2018 column and the year your child was born. Where those 2 meet is the division your child will most likely play. We (coaches and the board) will use discretion and knowledge of the game to move players around (up or down) depending on skill, size, aggression to help your player grow and achieve success as a soccer player.
New additon for communications between the league, coaches, parents and players.
  • Download Team App from your app store.
  • Search for South Webster Youth Soccer
  • Become a member by asking for an invite request.
    • List your child for the reason for membership
  • Can also access this through facebook and computer (https://swyouthsoccer.teamapp.com)
About Us

The league is a non-profit community organization which is now run by a parent board. We wanted to do this so that there is more than one person trying to run the league alone. Also, we want there to be input by you and transparency of the board. There will be two signatures required from the board for any money spent. All funds will be recorded accurately and will be spent on the program and the kids. We will continue to be a part of Scioto Soccer League and also Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, which takes our program to the level that the children of this community deserve. With the continued support of the community, volunteers, and assistance from the South Webster High School Soccer Coaches, we will be able to teach our children new and improved skills. The new soccer program will have teams for children ages 3 to 15. There will be a U15 team which will be for Junior High age kids to help prepare them for High School Soccer. Our goal is to make the soccer program in South Webster the most fun and best experience possible for all.

South Webster Youth Soccer
Rules and PoliciesSouth Webster Youth Soccer follows the rules and regulations as described by the Scioto County Youth Soccer League.
Player Age Groups: The cut-off birth date is January 1 of the registration year.

Age Groups:
  • u4   (3 years old on/after January 1st)
  • u6   (4-5 years old on/after January 1st)
  • u8   (6-7 years old on/afterJanuary 1st)
  • u10 (8-9 years old on/after January 1st)
  • u12 (10-11 years old on/after January 1st)
  • u15 (12-14 years old on/after January 1st)
Code of Conduct for Coaches, Parents, and Players
  • Never use profanity, obscene or vulgar language at any time.
  • Never threaten or inflict harm on a player, parent, coach, board member or official.
  • Never threaten or abuse an official at any time
  • Never show up at the ball field under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Never throw an object at a player, coach, parent, or official.
  • Never use unnecessary rough tactics in the game or practice against an opposing player.
  • Never gamble upon the outcome of any game.
  • Never smoke, at any time, at the ball field.
  • Never speak disrespectfully to any coach, official, board member, player, or parent.
  • Never tamper or change any league roster, schedule, draft, position, or official score book at any time.
  • Never challenge an official's authority at any time. The official shall have the authority to penalize the offender according to and including removal from the remaining game or that days games.

10 Things Kids Say They Don't Want Their Parents To Do

1. Don't yell out instructions.
2. Don't put down the officials
3. Don't yell at me in public
4. Don't yell at the coach
5. Don't put down my teammates
6. Don't put down the other team
7. Don't lose your cool
8. Don't lecture me about mistakes after the game
9. Don't forget how to laugh and have fun
10. Don't forget that it's just a game
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